BIO 335 - Animal Physiology Laboratory

Fall 1999

Laboratory Reports

The laboratory reports should provide a clear presentation of the data in a form relevant to the experiment, an analysis and interpretation of the data and a discussion of the implications of the experiment with regard to the function of the system studied. A more detailed description of lab reports appears in the Laboratory Manual.

Two kinds of written lab reports will be required: complete (full) lab reports and brief lab reports.

Complete Lab Reports

Complete Lab Reports must be no more than about 1250 words (five double spaced typewritten pages) exclusive of tables and graphs. These should not be elaborate, but should include:

Brief Lab Reports

Brief Lab Reports should be no more than about 1,000 words (four typewritten double spaced pages). They consist of only the Experiments and Results and the Discussion and the Appendix sections. They will be graded according to the following weighting:

Late Penalty

Reports are due without fail in lab on the day indicated in the schedule. There will be a penalty of 5% for each day late. (Maximum total penalty is 35%).

Academic Honesty

Because you are working in teams, you will be cooperating in the experiments. An advantage to this arrangement is that you can discuss the experiment with each other. This interaction is encouraged. However, when you write your report, it should represent your own individual effort. Reports that are very nearly identical suggest that they are not the result of your own individual effort. Plagiarism (adopting someone else's work as your own) is unacceptable, and anyone caught plagiarizing will will be given a zero on the report and reported to the judiciary committee.

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