BIO 306 Ecological Risk and Environmental Decisions


Lev Ginzburg (516) 632-8569

When Offered:

Spring, odd years


The role of ecology in solving practical environmental problems in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Topics include ecologically based technologies, methods of ecological risk analysis, releases of genetically engineered organisms, and response of ecosystems to pollution and overexploitation.


One D.E.C. category E course; MAT 124 or 125 or 131 or 141



There will not be a single textbook which is followed in this course. You will generally not be able to pass this course if you miss classes. Materials for the course are

L. Ginzburg and E. Golenberg, Lectures in Theoretical Population Biology, Prentice-Hall Inc., New Jersey.

RAMAS/age manual and software. Combined copies of the book, manual and disks are available at the bookstore.


(Term project assigned)

Term project deadline (40% of the grade)

Final Test (30% of the grade)

Term Paper:

In addition to two tests given in March and May, there will be one other requirement for the course. The term paper on a topic based on the use of software, should be submitted by an assigned date. The paper should be about 3-5 pages typed. Clearly handwritten papers are acceptable.

You should discuss the paper with Dr. Ginzburg or with the teaching assistant during office hours. You are also advised to show a draft of your paper to them for evaluation and suggested improvements. The term paper will account for 40% of your grade. Submission after deadline will lower your grade at a rate of 10% (or 4 points) per day.